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The fascination of jewels for generations has made SunderJewellers constantly innovative with a long tradition of elegance and superb craftsmanship. Mr. Sunderlal Khurana who believes honesty is the best policy an Ex-Servicemen started the business in 1975 by the name Sunder embroidery in Sector 35, Chandigarh. By His blessing, customers cooperation and support of his sons Mr. Mahender Khurana, Harjinder Khurana and Gaurav Khurana is now having 3 outlets by the names Sunder Jewellers, Sunder Emporium, Sunder Libas in Sector 35, Chandigarh

Sunder Jewellers is one of the few jewellers to offer certified jewellery with 100 per cent buy back guarantee. Being a renowned manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of diamond jewellery throughout northern India, lately has carved a niche for itself in the retail market too.

Apart from the fact that master craftsmen design each piece here, the jewellery comes along with a Certificate of Authenticity issued with "buy back" terms. We make the ornaments in 22 ct. Hallmark gold only and give 100% returning guarantee on all our gold ornaments. If you want to exchange the ornaments made by us you will get the same weight of new ornaments with labour charges only. If you want to return the ornaments made by us 100% price of gold on the current 22 ct. Hallmark gold rate will be paid. We assure maximum value of gold ornaments made or purchased from other jewellers in exchange of new ones. Moreover, being a manufacturer and wholesalers, Sunder Jewellers prices are affordable and competitive.

So if you are looking for designer jewellery with international quality, assured authenticity and 100 per cent buy back guarantee, there is no better brand choice but Sunder Jewellers. Our jewellery is a true reflection of the personality and style of the wearer. Whether you are looking for Jewellery for Special Occasion like marriage, or a special gift for a loved one, or a piece of jewellery for yourself, Sunder Jewellers will exceed your expectations.