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We have always heard the famous saying, “Diamonds are forever” but then who knew one day diamonds would be easier to get as well. The advent of lab grown diamonds has revolutionised the diamond industry like never before. Compared to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds have presented themselves as a viable alternative which is not just more affordable but has the same chemical and physical attributes. So to the naked eye, there isn't much of a difference between a naturally procured diamond and a lab grown one. And this is where the magic of Sunder Jewellers’ Charizma comes in.


A lab grown diamond is one which has been manufactured in a controlled laboratory environment. Science has advanced so much that scientists have been able to successfully replicate the characteristics of a natural diamond. A natural diamond takes millions of years to form in the lap of Mother Earth but even the most sparkling LGDs can be produced within 1-2 months. These look exactly like the diamonds procured from the earth. All of this has resulted in Lab Grown Diamonds getting certified by all the gemological institutes around the world.


Generations have grown up thinking of diamonds as a rare natural resource that takes a lot of mining and efforts to procure and craft. And that’s precisely why many remain in doubt if Lab Grown Diamonds are as good as a natural diamond or better, are Lab Grown Diamonds even diamonds at all? Well, you need not worry, as LGDs are as good as any natural diamond. Similar to natural diamonds, LGDs too have size, colour, clarity, cuts and shapes. In fact their quality is so fine that they have been certified to be at par with natural diamonds by the majority of the gemological certification institutions. These Lab Grown Diamonds in fact even come with the same certifications as natural gemstones.. So you need not worry, Sunder Jewellers’ collection of the best Lab Grown Diamonds in Chandigarh, Charizma is here to take your breath away and to give you diamonds that are totally free of any impurities or defects. Head over to Sunder Jewellers today and discover the magic of our 100% certified Lab Grown Diamonds.