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Gold Price - 69300 (22k)
Silver Price - 92 per gram
Gold Price - 69300 (22k)
Silver Price - 92 per gram
Gold Price - 69300 (22k)
Silver Price - 92 per gram
Gold Price - 69300 (22k)
Silver Price - 92 per gram

Love Through the Ages

Explore the timeless allure of love through Sunder Jeweller's century-long legacy of exquisite designs.

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Brilliant design and unparalleled craftsmanship.



Experience the allure of Charizma
and explore the charm of lab-made
IGI-certified diamonds. Each gem, certified by IGI, exemplifies responsible luxury without compromising on quality.

Sterling Silver

Explore our Sterling Collection, where exquisite silver jewellery meets timeless elegance. Discover sophistication, refined craftsmanship, and enduring beauty in each piece.

Silver Crockery

Our Silver Crockery Collection personifies timeless elegance and craftsmanship, elevating dining experiences with a refined touch of sophistication, making each moment memorable and sophisticated.

An Icon of Love

Sunder Jewellers engagement rings are the epitome of heartfelt gifts, symbolizing timeless commitment.

From Mines to Masterpieces

Crafting the world's finest diamonds begins with a commitment to traceability. At Sunder Jewellers, we take pride in meticulously tracing 100% of our rough diamonds back to known mines and sources.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance guarantees the excellence of our products.

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Our consultants will guide you to ensure a delightful experience.

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Quality you can trust, style you'll love. We assure guarantee.

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Individual engroving to perpetuate the deepest feelings.